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La Maison Aroma Lamps

Not only Removes tobacco, pet odors and more, but also disinfects the air! This is how it works!

Instead of a flame, our perfume lamps use a form of catalytic combustion to move large volumes of air through the lamp's heat chamber. When lit, heat rises rapidly from the lamp's catalytic filter.  The heat mixes with cooler air, creates a continuous flow of air through the combustion chamber, a process known as catalytic conversion. Airborne molecules that cause odors are filtered through the lamp and converted into oxygen. While this is happening, the lamp emits a light and delightful fragrance. An entire room or house is deodorized and scented in just a few minutes, and the fragrance lasts for hours.

Our Fragrance Refill fuels come in a variety of floral, fruit, spice, confection and exotic scents. These fuels are alcohol based, therefore regular petroleum based lamp fuels cannot be used. Each lamp comes in a gift box with a sample bottle of fuel, but you will want to choose your favorite scent also.  La Maison aroma lamps perform better then any other brand on the market!

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New Arrivals!

Fragrances are created by La Maison's famous French perfumers and are made of natural ingredients.

La Maison's new collection of perfume lamps are beautifully packaged in a gift box, with perfume, funnel, stone burner.

La Maison Aroma Lamps not only remove offending odors, like pet or smoking odors but they also disinfect the air!